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"After struggling to get pregnant and 3 unexplained, heartbreaking miscarriages, I began to lose hope and question if our dream of a baby would ever come true. In search for answers I started reading practically every fertility site and blog out there and I decided to give acupuncture a try. My Reproductive Endocrinologist provided a referral and I made an appointment with Tena. Within 3 months of treatment I was pregnant!! It was exciting to get pregnant so quickly but I was very nervous due to the previous losses. Tena assured me we would do everything possible to make the pregnancy a success. I began acupuncture treatment weekly and week after week the pregnancy progressed. On August 6th our baby girl was born, full term, beautiful and healthy! I can't believe our dream has finally come true. The only thing we did differently for this pregnancy was acupuncture and I have no doubt that acupuncture is a big reason the pregnancy was successful and an added bonus—pretty much symptom free! Words can't describe the joy our baby girl has brought into our lives and we can't express enough our appreciation for the encouragement and support from Tena and her staff."

Katie Davis

Born in August 2013


"After being diagnosed with severe endometriosis and infertility, I was afraid that my lifelong dream of becoming a mother would not come true. My age, 41, only complicated things. Because my tubes were completely blocked, my doctor said our only option was IVF. The odds were stacked against us as the reproductive endocrinologist only gave us a 10-15% chance of success. I wanted to do all I could to ensure that we would have a successful IVF cycle. I read that acupuncture can not only help women conceive naturally, but it could help with IVF so I decided to give it a try. My first appointment with Tena was wonderful. I wasn't sure what to expect, but any fears or uncertainties were quickly dismissed. It was reassuring to hear that she takes an overall approach to wellness and could offer guidance on nutrition, stress relief techniques at home, exercise, etc. I began my weekly appointments way ahead of our IVF procedures and I was happy that I did. The IVF process can be very stressful and I believe the acupuncture helped keep my stress level to a minimum. I continued my weekly appointments as we worked through our IVF procedures. A couple of weeks after the embryo transfer, my husband and I received the news we had waited so long to hear - I was pregnant! I continued to see Tena throughout my pregnancy and we are now the proud parents of a beautiful and healthy baby girl! I truly believe that the acupuncture and Tena's guidance played a huge role in our success. Thank you Tena!" K.W.

Born in October of 2012


"As a woman in my early 40's, I struggled with getting pregnant when we tried for our second child. After two years of traditional fertility methods, my doctor referred me to Tena Scarber to receive acupuncture to improve our chances of a successful pregnancy. I found it to be very beneficial to reduce stress and support my body through the fertility process. I always looked forward to my sessions and had more energy, better sleep and a general sense of well-being. THANK YOU Tena, I know your technique played a big part in our dream coming true! Our baby girl is the light of our lives". J.A.

Born in July of 2012


I spent nearly a year going from one doctor’s appointment to the next for neck and shoulder pain and spasms until I found Tena Scarber of Innovative Healing.  Within six weeks, she was able to significantly reduce my pain level and stop the muscle spasms in my neck and shoulder.  I am very thankful for the relief!

Amy Farmer



I had severe pain caused by Shingles. I had suffered for eight weeks. Tena treated me with acupuncture and within an hour I was feeling sooo much better, actually, I was HEALED! Thanks Tena!!

Doris Archer the Good Twin!



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