July 2019 Newsletter

Get Chronic Pain Syndrome Relief There are 100 million Americans experiencing chronic pain, of which 25 million have chronic pain syndrome. While pain is a perfectly normal reaction to certain events, when it persists for over 12 weeks and additional...

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June 2019 Newsletter

Chronic Cough? Find Relief with Acupuncture Any cough persisting for more than 8 weeks in adults, or more than 4 weeks for children, is considered chronic. A chronic cough is more than just a nuisance; it can cause serious disruptions to your...

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Free 15-minute Acupuncture Consultation

If you have questions or are unsure if acupuncture is right for you, we are happy to talk with you about your specific condition, symptoms, goals, and situation. This allows us to learn more about you to assess whether acupuncture is likely to be an effective...

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March 2019 Newsletter

Acupuncture to Achieve a Healthy Weight: A Total Health Program   Finding the motivation to start or stick with a weight loss program can seem overwhelming, but using a multi-faceted program is a good approach. Acupuncture and Oriental medicine...

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February 2019 Newsletter

Acupuncture for Cardiovascular Disease   Cardiovascular disease is the number 1 killer of women, the leading threat for men, and is more deadly than all forms of cancer combined, according to health organizations. People of all ages and population...

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January 2019 Newsletter

Oriental Medicine Provides Mental Health Support   The start of the new year is a time of looking forward to the future, setting goals and putting in motion the steps necessary to achieve them. Emotional wellness enhances our ability to move forward...

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